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Editado por JANOVA617: 5/20/2023 5:59:51 PM

Why dont Stasis abilities interact with helmet mods???

I think it's because of the freeze/shatter mechanic. But it's kind of bad that stasis melee and grenade abilities have no way of proccing "ashes to assest" and "Hands On" helmet mods. Behemoth and warlock especially because technically they don't kill with the melee or grenade themselves ,but instead the shatter that comes with it. Because of this there is no real way to play around your super unless you just spec heavily into Intellect and gain it passively. Is there a way to sperate melee and grenade freeze/shatter damage? Or is the coding all treat it the same so they can't benefit from the mods? If it's the latter, I think a new helmet mod needs to be added that regens super from shatter kills.

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