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Editado por heresy0_0y: 5/3/2023 6:29:21 PM

overload minotaurs in master lost sectors (europa)

the overload minotaurs are infinitely more difficult to defeat than the first overload taken combatant at the beginning of the master lost sector today (Bunker E15) sometimes they have to be stunned twice, and each stun lasts just a little more than a second. they regenerate health BEFORE they are able to be stunned again. why are these overloads giving me a harder time than the actual boss ? i'm using le monarque, so it really shouldn't be this difficult i can use le monarque to take out the first taken overload champ, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to use just le monarque on these minotaur overloads. immediately after stunning them i have to quickly get off 3 shotgun rounds and use a finisher as they start to regain health. Is this the intended difficulty for these particular overloads ? or is something buggy going on. more than once i've double stunned them. like the bottom left feed shows "heresy stunned an overload" on two lines because the champ came out of the first stun almost instantly EDIT: forgot to mention that even using moebius quiver on my hunter isn't keeping them from regenerating ALL of their health and getting off multiple shots before getting stunned again....

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