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Editado por Giraffizard: 4/9/2023 5:58:49 AM

Crashing on Void Titan

Crashing started today when I decided to test out a different build with Bubble Titan. From what I have seen it crashes out when a specific set of circumstances occur that happen with this build. Essentially multiple perks end up stacking on the same display buff above the super bar, if I don't switch off of my Hero's Burden almost immediately the game will crash or give the error code. I know the error code is for network, however, it only appears when I do this very specific build. I apologize for the skipping in the video, I don't know why it recorded like that, my game doesn't play like that. Essentially the game overlaps the display buffs and then it just overloads and either gives the bird error or crashes to desktop. Build Bubble Titan Aspect: Offenseive Bulwark and Controlled Demolition Fragments: Echo of Starvation, Echo of Expulsion, Echo of Persistance, Echo of Instability Weapon: Hero's Burden - Feeding Frenzy/Destabilizing rounds - Specifically running the Suros Synergy Origin trait Exotic Armor: Doomfang Pauldron Armor Buffs that take armor charge - Void weapon Surge

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