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3/26/2023 4:23:40 AM

The mission "The corrupted" is too hard

My wife and I have officially made six different attempts at the final boss in this mission and have failed every time, usually due to being blasted off an edge or tethered during a jump. In a single point I got him down to 10%-ish health before wizards spawned in, took me out, and then my wife died trying to avoid them. This boss can teleport every .5 seconds, can tether, can summon adds, at one point summons an army of barrier goblins, summons two wizards at once, deals massive damage, and his shield can very easily launch you off the edge. We are both close to maximum light level but we can't get past this. Also it's extra annoying because not only is this just a standard mission not a strike. But additionally this isn't even the first time we have had this difficulty spike issue. Please, nerf some of these bosses and hire some play testers that are not discord mod level sweaty, or hand in your development license and go work elsewhere. I hear the US government could use more people making things more difficult than they need to be.

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