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Editado por EVILants: 3/12/2023 2:13:24 AM

Xbox 360 D1 Error code Beaver/Rabbit

XBL: EVILants The first time these error codes started appearing was about 3 months ago it stopped for about 6 weeks in between it started again 5 weeks ago and hasn't stopped i don't know if players on ps3 are experiencing the same issues as 360 ive heard of Error code Chicken being a issue there Error code Beaver is the first error code i receive when joining someone for the first time when i try again it give Error code Rabbit I've tried everything i could even switching ISP's and it hasn't stopped and a few of the people i play with are also speaking of being unable to access tower due to these error codes if possible please give a fix since it has happened before I'm beginning to doubt it my connection its more the server's fault

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