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3/3/2023 4:12:44 PM

Feedback and Suggestions for Improving Destiny 2

Dear community, I wanted to share my thoughts and suggestions for improving Destiny 2 and hope that they are well received. 1. Appreciation in PvP I think it would be helpful to see whom we have already appreciated and how many times we have done so. This could be an incentive to behave in a more friendly and respectful manner, and improve the overall PvP experience. 2. Gifts in the Dawning event It would be great to have special loot engrams drop in the Dawning event, which we can then gift to other fireteam members. This would strengthen the sense of community within the fireteam and make the event even more interesting. 3. Shadows of projectile capsules A warning, in the form of a brief shadow, before the round Cabal balls fall from the sky, would help reduce the number of deaths caused by these unexpected attacks. 4. Weak points for minibosses Adding weak point mechanics to minibosses could improve the combat system. It would force players to adapt their weapons and tactics to be effective against each miniboss. 5. Seamless Crucible rank reset Resetting the Crucible rank can sometimes be problematic if the slot for rewards is full. A temporary storage of the rewards could be a solution to this. I hope my ideas and suggestions can contribute to improving Destiny 2. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!

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