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2/14/2023 6:21:49 PM

Planetary Materials going into Lightfall

Hi all, I haven't seen anything definitive yet but I was hoping to see if I missed something or a community manager / someone in the know could respond but what is the deal with planetary materials going into Lightfall? er the DCV Year 6 article it says that they are being deprecated, but this is not exactly clear. Does this mean that they will have zero value or that they will still have the reduced glimmer conversion value as they currently do? In the Year 5 DCV post it stated that Etheric Spirals were being deprecated, but they still have value (remained at normal exchange rates until the recent planetary mats change as well), so there is some confusion regarding what this actually means in the Year 6 article. Does the destination materials listed also include things like Herealways pieces or Phantasmal fragments? Just want to know how I need to spend my time going forward before the end of the season.

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