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2/9/2023 6:27:51 PM

Rhulk's Pogchamps: New Clan looking for members from all platforms!

Hey there! Are you tired of looking for Clans, only to get kicked when you can't live up to their Elitist standards? Are you tired of being part of Clans that number the thousands, feeling like you're not seen? Tired of not being taught, but just carried everywhere? If so, let me invite you to Rhulk's Pogchamps! We're a brand new Clan that hopes to grow into a community, where everyone *knows* each other, and can ask help on any activity. I want the Pogchamps to be close-knit, to be able to make friends, and get help with whatever they need. Exotic quests, Grandmaster Nightfalls, Flawless Master Raids (maybe), even the simplest Gambit triumph you need for Dredgen. We have only one rule above all the rest: Respect. We accept from the newest kinderguardians, the most battle-scarred Destiny 1 veteran. I'm the Founder, RPG, and I spend most of my time Sherpa-ing raids. I love teaching, and I love to see people learn. I've solo flawlessed most dungeons, and have a lot of titles, so I know what I'm doing. And I want to help you learn the stuff that you find challenging, in the hopes that one day you'll be able to teach that very same activity yourself. Rhulk's Pogchamps has it's own Discord server with bots and roles, so spam is minimized. You need to be in both Clan and Discord to be a Pogchamp. So if you're interested, come join me! Let us grow together into something beautiful, and take on Calus and the Witness as a commnity.

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