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Editado por Azmou[FIN]: 1/31/2023 12:49:45 PM

Destiny 2 keeps bricking/freezing my PC

Title says it all. Doesnt really matter what i do in the game, keeps bricking my pc. And by "bricking" i mean that i cant AltF4, ctrl+shift+esc and whatever. This started after the latest update. Things that i have done to try and fix this is the following ->. Updated windows, updated steam, verified game files and at this point nothing worked. Went ape mode and uninstalled steam and Destiny 2 with it. Reinstalled both (the download was painful) and launched the game, problem persists. One thing that gave me hope is that when i switched the game to run in DX11, i got to grind heist battlegrounds for a full evening without any problems whatsoever. So about 8 runs. Went to sleep, and work in the morning. After work i thought id keep grinding the Seraph title, but no. The same problem is back. And i made sure that i had DX11 still opted in. I have played D2 with this same setup for 3 years without any problems. I play the game fullscreen. And D2 is the only game doing this. If you guys have any idea how i can go about fixing this, im all ears. I´ll post my Dxdiag below
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