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2/1/2023 1:23:38 PM

Error code weasel flying to tower which also took ranked progress away

Finished up a ranked crucible match and tried to fly back to tower. The game got a bunch of contacting server problems while flying then disconnected me to the menu with error code weasel. I get that disconnects happen every now and then and am not overly cheesed about that. What I am worried about is that for some reason when I logged back in it said I'd left a competitive match before completing it and also not only took the rank points away that I'd earned but also gave me a penalty for leaving which ends up being around a 300 point negative swing from where I was before the disconnect. I don't understand how if the game finished, the points had already been awarded and it shows in my tracker as a victory why I am getting slapped for this. It's even more frustrating as I was flying to the tower when I DC'd, not queueing for another match. If I could get a response on this, I'd appreciate it as this is super frustrating. Going on a win streak in ranked can be hard enough as-is without dumping 300 points on wins due to networking issues.
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