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publicado originalmente en: Destiny 2 keeps bricking/freezing my PC
1/30/2023 11:28:04 PM
Your graphics drivers look... totally wrong. I don't think you actualy have gaming drivers installed. [quote]Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Driver File Version: 30.00.0015.1277 (English) Driver Version:[/quote] Checking the Nvidia website I'm showing the current drivers should be 528.24, released a few days ago. I'd recommend grabbing the GeForce Experience, as it will automatically check and install drivers. (When you give it the ok to install new drivers it finds.) There is also a crash error from "GameManagerService3". In a quick search that appears to be Synapse related. You should check your Razer Synapse software is up to date. (Though it's pretty notorious for causing conflicts/crashes.)

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