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Destiny 2

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It'll be important to remember these

[url=,_Archon_Prime]"We are they who created themselves out of themselves and died in the creation. No longer merely the god in the machine, but the machine in the god. ~consume enhance replicate~ Here we rise, made equal at last to that which we worship. ~consume enhance replicate~" — Aksis[/url] [url=]By the time you've seen it, it's already too late.[/url] Still wonder about the evolution of the last...last thing in existence? Edit: Sorry, forced evolution. A thing that can take an object, make it better, and produce the better object. It's all over the game, all over lots of games really. [quote]Oryx: What you call Darkness is the end of your evolution.[/quote] [quote]You, not you: Don't you recognize us? We are not your friend. We are not your enemy… We are your… Salvation.[/quote]
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