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Editado por Adranelyne: 1/25/2023 5:39:53 PM

• Shαdøw • Day One/Endgame

Shαdøw is currently looking for highly skilled, intelligent players who want to push themselves in the toughest challenges in Destiny and want to be surrounded by others like them. [b][u]What is Shαdøw?[/u][/b] [b]Primary Platform:[/b] All (we have players from PSN/Xbox/Steam) [b]Timezones:[/b] Clan is pretty evenly split between US/EU players. [b]What We’re Looking For:[/b] Highly skilled endgame players who want a space to push themselves doing flawless, low-man, and speedrun challenges with others who want the same thing. One of the things I preach is a culture of patience and maturity and I’ve been very happy that my team has picked that up immediately. There’s absolutely no space for toxicity or elitism in Shαdøw. [b]Lightfall Day One Raid:[/b] Everything we do right now is in preparation for the day one raid. We have 3 teams already formed and could potentially add more. If this is a primary focus for you (and it should be) then you’ve found the right place. [b]NØVA - Partner Server:[/b] We’re partnered with NØVA, a Discord server that, including our own, houses 4 clans and over 600 members. As a member of Shαdøw you have access to a large pool of talented PVE and PVP players that can accommodate your schedule. [b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] If you’re interested in this group it’s because you’re proficient at low-mans, speedruns, flawless/solo flawless, and just in general being an extremely talented Destiny player. • Diamond II or higher speed rank • 3+ low-man tags (Full or CP) • 3+ flawless raids • 2+ solo flawless dungeons [b]Activity Requirements:[/b] - We encourage social members—getting to know people makes it easier to find those you enjoy playing with. We have a Level 3 boosted Discord with everything you’ll need to know about the game at your fingertips. - 30 days of inactivity will result in removal from the clan (unless specified ahead of time). [b][u]How Do I Join?:[/u][/b] You can message me on here via DM or add me on Discord (Adranelyne#0024).

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