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1/21/2023 11:12:00 PM

PS5/PC EU returning player looking for friendly and active clan for PVE

Hi guys!, Its been a while since i played destiny 2 (last time i’ve played was at release of forsaken) and decided to give the game another shot as i remember it being to heavily emphasized on friends and active members. As a solo player i’ve found it challenging to find a group of people to play with and that will gladly land a hand on any raid / dungeon activity. Currently i owe all expansions + season 19, and im at 1555 power cap (and growing) and i’ve hit the limit of the content i can do to grow my power and enjoyment of the game as the better content requires your own fireteam. Im looking for a compact and friendly clan, that do all kinds of activities and are willing to help a new member of the clan! Im very active recently and i would want to extend it even further by joining a good clan :). From my part, im here to help anyone in need for completion sakes, willing to learn raid mechanics and participate, also have a mic and discord of course :) using a cross save account so im available on PS5 and PC. Thanks and hope to join you guys!

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