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1/21/2023 5:23:30 AM

Seasonal weapon catalyst quests (Erianas,etc..)

Average Player here, I have a question to the devs specifically. Will we be seeing a re-work for the seasonal Exotic weapons catalyst quests? I just recently purchased the Erianas Vow hand cannon from the Kiosk, and I gotta say.. yeesh.. 400 activities without any boosts like nightfalls or GMs counting as multiple? I did. the math and that would be roughly 67 hours worth of 10 minute strikes. I know it’s been a question before but as far I’ve seen, it hasn’t been addressed. Maybe the current season quest booster applies to all quests? I feel as though that would help. I’m on a mission to complete every catalyst in the game and these past season ones have been a reeeeal drag. Thanks in advance.

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