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Editado por Overmindead: 1/15/2023 5:35:57 PM

Please fix your servers!!! Constant disconnect by weasel error

Hello there, today Destiny 2 becomes Just unplayable because of the multiple server crash and error weasel occured. The issues were so strong that everytime i had to reset my console internet configuration, and in my opinion that's Just Crazy... Its Crazy that a billionaire software house bought for 3.6billion dollars from Sony doesnt worry to update their trash "halo-aged" servers, which make the game Just unplayable. Its Crazy that After 9 years of Destiny's Life there arent still any dedicated server, making your own player base still going Crazy with your P2P system... So please Bungie, for the last time, FIX OR UPDATE YOUR ******* SERVERS!!!!!!

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