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1/13/2023 7:22:56 PM

Endgame Clan looking for Raiders

With the coming of lightfall we want to get the most of it as possible. Mainly we are looking for dedicated players that are okay with a small clan and still benefiting the rewards they would from mega clans. We are ever growing and striving for day 1 raid clear coming this march. We offer Sherpa, Trials, Raid help and teamwork. We raid daily to keep ourself up to speed for day 1 raids. Requirements are not necessary. We only ask when you join the discord. Please communicate with our team so we can see if this clan is a good fit for you. Don’t join and leave 5 mins later without saying a word. We don’t want any time wasted so please be aware we are short staff. Discord: We are a small open welcome community to all guardians alike. I look forward to seeing our player base grow and hope you stick around. If you have any questions comment in the box below or personally DM me and we can get rolling. Thank you and I look forward hearing back

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