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Season of the Seraph / Witch Queen Known Issues & Vital Info - Updated 1/27/23

[quote][b][u]DISCLAIMER[/u][/b] [b]This is not a complete list of all known issues, but a targeted list of specific issues.[/b][/quote] [i]Last Updated: February 06, 2023[/i] --- [b]VITAL INFORMATION[/b] [quote]• [url=]Season 16-19 Known Issues article[/url] • [url=/en/Help/Article/46684]PC Known Issues[/url] [/quote] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • [b]Season Passes[/b] will be applied to the first character account that signs in. Players should set up Cross Save BEFORE logging in to Destiny 2. For more information, [url=/CrossSave]click here[/url]. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF THE SERAPH CONTENT[/u] [quote] • The Season of the Seraph seal only needs [b]9 of the 10 available triumphs[/b] to acquire the title. • The [b]"Abhorrent Imperative"[/b] quest cannot be picked up if a player's bounty inventory is full. Players will need to make room in their inventory to pick up the quest step. • Some [b]Seraph armor[/b] may display the message "Unlock this item in Collections to purchase" when viewing the seasonal vendor screen. If a player sees this message, they may still need to earn the armor elsewhere before purchasing additional armor from the vendor. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF PLUNDER CONTENT[/u] [quote] • Free players may be blocked from the [b]Season 18[/b] introductory mission while Season of the Seraph is active. • Players may be blocked from Seasonal progress if they return to orbit too quickly after completing the boss encounter of the [b]Salvage and Salvation Seasonal intro[/b]. This can be resolved by players completing the intro again without returning to orbit on another character. • Players with a full Quest inventory will be unable to successfully pick up the [b]Captain's Atlas[/b] during the Seasonal intro. This can be resolved by clearing Quest inventory space and acquiring it from the Postmaster. • Players are unable to acquire [b]Plundered Umbral Energy[/b] from the Season 18 Premium Season Pass Track until they complete the Season 18 introductory mission. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF THE HAUNTED CONTENT[/u] [quote] • Players may experience [b]BROCCOLI[/b] errors when viewing the opening cutscene for Season of the Haunted. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF THE RISEN CONTENT[/u] [quote] • [b]Legendary PsiOps Battlegrounds[/b] doesn't show that Matchmaking is OFF. • [b]Weapons and UI elements[/b] may not successfully load when players enter the Mindscape. [/quote] [b]TOP ISSUES BEING INVESTIGATED[/b] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • If a [b]vaulted Seal and Title[/b] were acquired on a character that gets deleted, the Seal might not be able to be equipped again. • The [b]Take a Seat[/b] emote displays a dark outline on players when activated. • The [b]Forged in Grace[/b] emblem does not display its name when hovered over in player inventories. • At the end of the [b]"Operation: Sancus"[/b] mission, the game does not indicate that Rasputin is the one speaking. • In the Europa map for Heist Battlegrounds, [b]Cryptolith towers[/b] may appear to reactivate after they are deactivated. This is a visual issue and does not affect gameplay. • In the Mars map for Heist Battlegrounds, when a player's Ghost is hacking, [b]viewing the Director[/b] will incorrectly show two objectives on the map. [/quote] [u]ERROR CODES[/u] [quote] • We are investigating an increase in [b]MARMOT[/b] errors. [/quote] [u]CROSS PLAY[/u] [quote] • When attempting to import friends from other platforms for [b]Bungie Friends[/b], some platforms display an error and can’t import friends. • Changing the platform setting [b]"Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites"[/b] does not take effect until the game has been restarted. [/quote] [u]PC[/u] [quote] • On some PCs, using [b]Alt-Tab[/b] to bring up the desktop while playing in fullscreen mode may cause the game to freeze and require a restart of the game. • We’re investigating reports of issues related to [b]low performance on PCs[/b]. • Players running Destiny with an [b]integrated graphics card[/b] may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs. [/quote] [u]CONSOLE[/u] [quote] • We are investigating an [b]increase in crashes[/b] on Xbox Consoles. • Players using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 who see BOAR errors should ensure that they have [url=]successfully downloaded the necessary Compatibility Files[/url] prior to entering the game. • Players on Xbox One consoles are [b]unable to join fireteams with other players from in-game[/b] unless they are in the same bubble. Players can still join others via direct console menu invites. [/quote] [u]ITEMS AND WEAPONS[/u] [quote] • The [b]Hyperborean Pinion[/b] exotic sparrow cannot be obtained from Collections. • Exotic weapons with [b]unlockable crafting patterns[/b] do not have red borders in Collections. • The [b]Hierarchy of Needs[/b] exotic bow does not properly pierce Hydra or Phalanx shields when combined with the Piercing Bowstring artifact armor mod. • The [b]Emberwick Ghost Shell's[/b] preview is cut off at the top of the screen. [/quote] [u]QUESTS AND TRIUMPHS[/u] [quote] • The Eternity Crucible map did not count towards the Flawless Seal’s [b]“This is the Way”[/b] Triumph. • The Parts of a Whole emblem does not progress the [b]Eliksni Ambassador Triumph.[/b] [/quote] [u]ACTIVITIES[/u] [quote] • We are investigating an issue causing players to be unable to join [b]Competitive Crucible[/b] matches after their in-game suspension is scheduled to expire. Players affected by this issue can resolve it by playing a match of Competitive Crucible with an alternate character. • Some players are unable to interact with the [b]evidence board[/b]. • A raid's [b]PGCR[/b] may incorrectly show zero damage dealt to the boss from all players. • The rally flag sometimes doesn’t work in the second encounter of the [b]Wellspring: Defend[/b] activity. This can be mitigated by waiting a few moments. • Players can sometimes die when transporting to the Nightmare realm in the [b]Duality Dungeon.[/b] [/quote]

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