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1/10/2023 12:56:34 AM

Recruiting Serious Low Man/Day 1 Players [Adults Only] [2 Spots Open]

We're a small and close group of Day 1/Low Man Raiders looking to slightly expand our roster with likeminded players on the search for a decent endgame group. [b][u]Our Requirements:[/u][/b] [b]Pass The Skill Check:[/b] • Have over 100 [u]Full[/u] Raid/Dungeon Clears • Have at least 4 Raid Titles • Have at least 3 Conqueror Gilds • Any 2 Flawless Raid Clears • Any 3 Solo Flawless Dungeon Clears [b]Pass The Vibe Check:[/b] • Be 20+ [Adults Only] • Have a good personality • Have the drive to be part of a group • Have the commitment to pursue endgame [b][u]with your clanmates[/u][/b] • Have [b]NO[/b] expectations of being active 24/7 [b][You can be good at the game and still have life.][/b] [b]Substitute Requirements:[/b] • Any [b]Fresh[/b] Low Man Raid Clear • Any Day 1 Contest/Challenge Mode Raid Clear [b][u]We'll never ask you to have something we don't in order to join.[/u][/b] Apart from the requirements listed, also have Discord for general comms. If you feel you'll make a good addition to our roster then [b]message me directly[/b] for more information or go to my clan page through my profile where you can apply to join. If we're interested, we'll reach out to you.

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