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Editado por TinyFurball: 12/28/2022 2:38:08 AM

[ALL PLATFORMS]Need a day one raid clan and endgame PVE clan join the Vitamin D Deficient

It’s a small can because we only want the best of the best for our day 1 raid Requirements are have a master raid seal or rivensbane and a. Solo flawless dungeon to prove you can hold your own to join the clan To be in the main day 1 raid group you would have to bounty hoard on all 3 characters so we have the broken artifact mods Btw if you have friends that don’t fit the requirements they can still join the clan just let me know and I can make an exception they just can’t be in the day 1 unless they fit the requirements for the clan and bounty hoard Msg me if you want to join

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