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12/27/2022 4:17:47 PM

Zavala Glitch (The Dawning)

So, I tried this when The Dawning started and it was a problem but I figured it would fix itself. It has not. I started the dawning and made the cookies for Zavala. Okay - I went to turn them in and his normal menu appeared. (I know this has been a topic before, just hold on.) I figured okay, maybe my inventory is just full. I'll handle it after the raid. Well week three (I believe) and I still can not turn in the cookies to him. My inventory has since been cleared. I even made sure my armory (Armor and guns) had ample space -just- in case it needed to be if he gave me some paperweight weapons to pad my spaceship with. Still, nothing. Inventory empty and all, I still can not participate because it seems I'm locked out of turning it in to Zavala. Is there any advice or assistance that can be offered? ...Screw this man and his cookies anyway for not sending Cayde backup.

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