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BΣYӨПD Ђ Global clan – PVP-PVE endgame [PSN-XBOX-PC] US/Europe – Hardcore/Casual

Alliances – Clan Calendar – Clan Improvements – Clan Events – Guides and Practice BΣYӨПD FOUNDED IN 2017. Small introduction A global clan main language (English) We strive to make this an enviorment friendly and fun. We pride ourselves on teamwork, dedication and respect. welcoming community of fellow gamers who not only want to play Destiny 2 and exist, but also reap the benefits of having somewhere to call home. Member experience from the clan “From my personal experience with this clan i have been in this clan for 5 years we went through alot with ups-and-downs although i remain very hopeful of this clan and their ideas to achieve an great community. Not only Destiny 2 but other games aswell ” Conditions 1. BΣYӨПD will not tolerate any form of hater speech harrassment or a toxic gaming enviorment. 2. We Acknowledge real life issues or other important stuff happening we’ll give member their time. 4. No sub clan within the clan everyone should help everyone. 5. To remain an active clan, BΣYӨПD has applied an 30 day discord log-in restriction Our Approach BΣYӨПD Guides/Practice We’re looking to enhance our members to achieve their goals whenever they wanted to from guides pve – pvp practice. Clan events Organising endgame activity’s, clan tournaments and other clan events to sustain the clan prizes that will hand-out on winning a clan tournament. Alliances We cooperate with other clans as an alliance there for members won’t have to worry about their time. We are already aware of overal clan issues when it comes to timezones, lack of members or clans that may even focus around PVE/PVP only. Working together will solve overal issues within different clans were people remain in their clans but cooperate as one community. BΣYӨПD Communication platform We prioritize discord over other communication platforms. This clan is fulled with psn players therefor we have also an psn clan chat. The clan is working on a rank system that keep members engaged with each other on discord/ingame to their goals to achieve surent ranks. Continueation with improvements We’re continuesly improving BΣYӨПD so that the clan doesn’t become or feel outdated. Asking members within BΣYӨПD what their ideas or suggestions are to establish the clan format. BΣYӨПD Clan Calendar features all clan activity’s improvements combined with bungie’s their official seasonal calendar that sustains 3 months. Considered joining BΣYӨПD Contact Founder: Reptilliano psn – Reptilliano reddit – Reptilliano#3981 bungie net. Contact Admins: Shady-J_9000 – JiriyaLegendarySage – GodFahter627 – F3lt3rsn47ch34 [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been updated with tags that are more appropriate. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]

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