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12/8/2022 9:07:39 PM

the witness and what it could be

so the witness is shrouded in alot of mystery rn so I wanted to make some early speculation on its nature and why it almost contradicts the darkness and how we know that the light can only be given and darkness must be taken that is the nature of these forces but each disciple the witness makes they are not taking darkness from the witness it is giving them their power this might be out there but what if the witness is a being born from the light it gives paracausal power to others like the traveller does its able to takeover and speak through our ghost something we’ve only seen been done by other ghosts EG when sagira shared herself with our ghosts shell in Curse of osiris it could potentially even raise the dead if its plan with the nezarec remains was to bring him back
#lore #destiny2

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