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Next season theory

The next season will probably involve Rasputin in some way. There are two main Easter eggs that point to this. The first is a sweeper bot in the eliksni quarter that is a Rasputin frame. The second is a bit more hidden, but in the latest twab they talk about weapon tuning next season, and they mention that "many more weapons would have warmind rounds" in the next season. EDIT: seraph rounds, not warmind rounds. It was a perk that dropped on a lot of the ikelos weapons Addendum: I've heard lots of people complaining about the "nezarec tea" bit. To me, a much more troubling bit about the cutscene is the fact that Osiris name drops Neptune, yet it's gonna take us 3 months from hearing about Neptune to actually going there? If that's how long it takes the vanguard to send a scout team out there, then we deserve to lose in lightfall. And even if [i]they[/i] are that slow, I feel like our Guardian take it up on them self to go there and investigate.
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