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12/7/2022 4:55:16 AM

Rasputin's Importance

Maybe I'm missing something here. I recall that we had an entire season where we did our best to make Rasputin more powerful and fill the sky with Warsats. At the end of that season the Witness apparently laughed off all of his power and facerolled the -blam!- out of him. The only reason he survived is because his fangirl stuffed yeeted him into a high tech thumb drive and hauled -blam!- out of dodge. Now we have an entire season devoted to rebuilding him so that... The Witness can't harness his power? The Witness has Xivu Arath out fighting for control of the Warsat network or something? The network that apparently is basically nothing compared to the pyramids? The Warsat network that the Pyramids can ignore? Why? Why is he pitiable in the face of the Witness one moment but later the Witness needs his power?

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