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12/6/2022 4:08:02 AM

Toxicity of Our City

Destiny has been my escape from the world since year 1. Being a single dad and working 2 full time jobs, my brother introduced me to Destiny so that we could keep in touch and help me get away from it all for a moment. And through life's up and downs and the madness that our culture has came down with recently, Destiny was always there to put a pause on everything. I never minded the short comings of the games, I had fun playing with family and made some friends along the way. The game and it's story were simple and far away from life's schnanigans. As my son got older, I would introduce him to the game as well. He and I enjoy playing the simpler parts of the game together. I was really looking forward to taking him on raids and challenging him with pvp as he got older. We both were looking anxiously forward to the upcoming LightFall and I was fully prepared to drop the 200 for both of us to play and progress together. However, I don't think that's gonna happen now. It appears that Destiny just threw its two cents into the political/cultural arena with the -blam!- relationship between Saint 14 and Orisis. Throughout its life, Destiny has not displayed a drop of romantic tendencies, whether through it's lore (to the best of my knowledge) nor through the playable storyline. For it's debut love story however, they showcase an "in your face" gay kiss. These observations lead me to believe, the decision is completely political. And because of this decision, I don't see my self spending another cent on Destiny. Political and cultural issues have been infecting our sources of entertainment far more than I like. Their introduction to our entertainments have drained the life and fun out of the games, movies, tv shows, sports, we utilize to zombie out for a moment and recharge before returning to life's responsibilities. Destiny was a small corner of my universe were I could avoid it but it seems their dark tentacles have started to wrapped around this world as well. I have no illusion that my post should determine what Destiny decides to do with their game. This isn't my game, I just play with it as it comes. But if this is the way Destiny decides to go, then all I can do and let it go. Which is a shame; I and my family enjoyed this game for what it was.

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