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12/2/2022 12:51:47 AM

| Shαdøw | Day One/Endgame Clan

I had an idea in mind about a month ago of trying to pull together some of the most talented players in Destiny to be a part of a group that would cater to their goals and mindsets. Roughly 45 days later, Shαdøw has over 50 members who have all been pushing themselves to achieve some of the most challenging things in this game. It’s very difficult in most clans to break through as they all tend to have cliques/teams they don’t want to stray away from. Shαdøw incorporates everyone as I’ve personally ran with most of the roster myself and everyone is open to playing with others. Even during one of the more dry sections of the season we’re still completing flawless and low-man runs and have more planned ahead. [b][u]What is Shαdøw?[/u][/b] [b]Primary Platform:[/b] All (we have players from PSN/Xbox/Steam) [b]Timezones:[/b] Clan is mostly US, but we have a lot of UK players as well. [b]What We’re Looking For:[/b] Highly skilled endgame players who want a space to push themselves doing speedruns, flawless and low-man challenges with others who want the same thing. One of the things I preach is a culture of patience and maturity and I’ve been very happy that my team has picked that up immediately. There’s absolutely no space for toxicity or elitism in Shαdøw. [b]Lightfall Day One Raid:[/b] Everything we do right now is in preparation for the day one raid. We have 4 teams already formed and plan on adding more. Our goal is to help as many as we can achieve a day one clear. If this is a primary focus for you then you’ve found the right place. [b]NØVA - Partner Server:[/b] We’re partnered with NØVA, a Discord server that, including our own, houses 4 clans and over 500 members. As a member of Shαdøw you have access to a large pool of talented PVE and PVP players that can accommodate your schedule. [b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] (I’m willing to be flexible on these—I believe in a good culture fit and also understand that raid reports are just a general idea and not the complete picture of a player’s ability) • Flexible on raid completions - at least have 10+ on recent raids • At least 2 flawless raids • At least 2 low-man tags (full or CP) • A desire to be a part of a day one raid team [b]Activity Requirements:[/b] - We encourage social members—getting to know people makes it easier to find those you enjoy playing with. We have a Level 3 boosted Discord with everything you’ll need to know about the game at your fingertips. - 30 days of inactivity will result in removal from the clan (unless specified ahead of time). [b][u]How Do I Join?:[/u][/b] You can message me on here via DM or add me on Discord (Adranelyne#0024).

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