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Editado por Votrae: 12/1/2022 2:28:28 AM

Universal Ornament unlocks, Warlock Levi armor fingertips

The Universal Ornament unlock for the higher difficulty Leviathan raid (main, not Lair) Gloves have lost their cool fingertip/claw caps. Only on the hard mode pair, with the amazeballs purple glow. Normal mode Levi ornaments have not lost those tips. At least in preview, I haven't spent materials to unlock that pair. I haven't tested all of the other pieces. It's easy to duplicate, so I haven't included screenshots but can take some if requested. Happy Holidays! Edit: suppose adding the names would help. Base difficulty are 'wraps of the fulminator', no errors apparent to me. Hard mode w/glow 'wraps of the emperor's minister' , missing 3D fingertip caps. <3

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