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11/30/2022 7:15:56 PM

Something unexpected happened today

I had just woken up at 8:30 this morning (so 4 hours ago my time) and not too long after, I get a phone call. Its from one of my friends who i thought was at work. He asks me if he accidentally woke me up because i usually sleep in til 11 in the morning or around there. Told him no, i was already awake. After some conversation, He basically told me hes going on break and asks if i want to go to a local game store. I tell him sure. Fast forward 20 minutes later. He notices ive been looking at the xboxs (mostly a one x. used to have one but due to life circumstances, had to sell it). Then it happened, He then asks: Do you want an xbox? It came out of left field ngl but told him that i cant afford it rn. He then tells one of the employees that this is the console he wants, then buys it and hands it to me and says "heres your early Christmas gift, hope you like it" All of this was unexpected. I didnt ask for it, I didn't even mention i wanted it. Sure ive mentioned a few times that it sucked that i had to sell the original one when it got brought up in gaming conversations but never expected to get one back this year. Conclusion: I got an xbox and am truly blessed to have such a great friend. Remember to be thankful for the people who you have in your life, Good karma comes around when you least expect it

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