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11/29/2022 7:10:32 AM

The crucible is f#$@&ed

Y'all are gonna screw up crucible. Rift, and showdown are part of the competitive playlist?! Rumble is being put into a weekly rotation? What happened to the "renewed focus"? Who is making these crack head decisions for the crucible. Like -blam!- thought it would be a good idea to make even less modes in the crucible. Y'all should be adding back old modes like countdown, and combined arms, and instead we literally are about to have less than ever in the crucible. The people in charge of pvp have got to be smoking that good Seattle heroin. Whatever one more L for the crucible -blam!- ain't new. Smh head every time bungie is doing good they go and screw themselves over. They're their own worst enemy.

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