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11/29/2022 6:34:26 PM

PS4 Connection Issues on University Internet

Looking for some help. So I'm on a wired connection on my university network and my PS4 stopped connecting in a rather strange way. It worked just fine for about 3 months and then I turned it on one day and it didn't connect. I tried unplugging the PS4 and router, leaving them unplugged for several minutes to clear the cache but that didn't work. Going to a connection test it recognized that an ethernet cable was connected and successfully obtained an ip address but failed at the internet connection step. I switched to a wired connection so it would lose the settings and reset up a wired connection which worked to get it back online. I had to do this every time I turned on the PS4 for about a week and it was working but this method has stopped working as well and I'm unable to connect now (still successfully obtaining an ip address but failing at the internet connection). A couple of notes. First, I connected my SmartTV to this same wired connection and it worked so I know the internet is working. Second, I connected my PS4 to a personal network and it connected perfectly, no issues. Last, the university has wifi but has it set up so that several types of devices, including game consoles, cannot connect to it so that method of connection is out of the question. Is there anyone that has run into a similar issue or someone that's fluent with technology that might have any idea what's going on/how to fix this? Any help is very appreciated.

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