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11/28/2022 9:27:31 PM

Looking for a chill group of people?

Well bygawd here it is! Welcome to My Bad, Let's Wipe. We are a small clan looking for chill people to play with and the only requirements we have is 18+, have a working mic, at least 1570 power level, have a Discord, and wanting to have some laughs and good times. We have several experienced clan members who are willing to teach and run through just about all things destiny. We do our best to set up weekly events and try and include everyone in any activity so people don't feel left out in some activities. If you have any other questions or are interested please feel free to message RAGE#0773 itz NUKA#2467 Or myself. What's the hold up people? Let's git in there and My Bad, Let's Wipe!

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