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11/28/2022 6:44:54 PM

Rejected Nation is looking for guardians (UK/EU)

-CROSS PLATFORM- DISCORD OR INGAME VOICE CHAT. A bunch of mature gamers who are welcoming, helpful, active and down for all mainly dying and reviving OH and an occasional tea bag ….. / PvE, PvP, Gambit , Raids, Dungeons, Nightfall's, Gm’s, seasonal and anything else the game has to offer we got you. RN’s prime time would be evenings and weekends during UK times. Don't know something?... Not a problem we do have some good Guardians who are willing to help 🙂 We look for ACTIVE members old and new that are willing to engage with the clan. MUST have DISCORD and are 25+ MIC is mandatory as well as a sense of humor We ask that you respect our clan rules and use RN’s DISCORD primarily for activity planning. Your BUNGIE and DISCORD names MUST match. Steps to take: Join our Discord via the link - Introduce yourself to the clan so we can meet and get to know you. Once this is completed only then will a clan invite be sent. Engage and be active. That is all.

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