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11/28/2022 5:06:47 PM

Peregrine greaves don’t work properly on frozen combatants

Some frequent comments first. I am not using shiver strike on the Titan stasis subclass, that does not work with peregrine as it isn’t a shoulder charge. I’m using the Titan void subclass to shield bash an enemy that has been frozen by my chill clip riptide/any source. I am getting the benefit from peregrine, my damage goes up and the buff pops up. You still get bonus melee damage on frozen enemies, just not bosses. The “boss” of this lost sector is a major. Sometime after season of the risen, peregrine greaves stopped working as intended with stasis. While it still stacks correctly like it used to with offensive bulwark, it no longer gets the 2.3x melee damage multiplier from freezing an enemy, instead getting a 1.05x multiplier like all abilities. I’m assuming the bug came from it’s interaction with roaring flames specifically being nerfed in season of the haunted, from patch ( , but I can’t be sure. It hasn’t been mentioned in the twabs or hot fixes. I tested the following numbers on the conflux lost sector boss, which counts as a major. I got (mostly) the same numbers testing on red bar enemies in the same lost sector, as well as champions. Bosses do not get the frozen melee multiplier. Base:28,714 Off. Bulwark:57,428 (2x) Peregrine greaves:132,945 (4.6x, varies from target and flavor of shoulder charge) Frozen:66,329 (2.3x) Frozen+Off. Bulwark:132,658 (4.6x) Peregrine+frozen:139,592 (4.86x) Full combo:279,184 (9.72x) While it’s supposed to stack with stasis, and it used to, peregrine only gets a small bump in damage on frozen enemies, while any other damage buff works together just fine. Also they still use an older timer that doesn’t line up with the current shoulder charge sprint timer. Destiny data compendium: Has the same conclusion, they do not stack. Videos of my testing: Week 7
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