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11/27/2022 10:57:00 AM


All Platforms - UK/EU Requirements: - Join our Discord / Charlemagne Registration - Must be active and social in Discord (No one wants a dead clan) - Must be 18+ - Non toxic - 250+ hours What we can offer you: - Raid Teachings - Seasonal build ideas/Help - Grandmaster Help - Raid Seal Help - Dedicated LFG Channels - Dungeon Help About us: Endless is a growing but tight-nit clan. We don't want 1000's of members, that's not what we are aiming for. We want to be able to play with each and every one of you, while we are searching for players looking to take part in end game content, personality is hugely important to us so we will take personality over light level. Joining us only takes a few simple steps: 1. Join our clan on 2. Join the Discord link that will be provided to you. 3. If not already done previously, complete the setup steps with Charlemagne Bot! 4. Say hello! We look forward to having you. ÉNDLÉSS Clan |

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