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Editado por liam4521: 11/25/2022 2:51:19 AM

Everybody is so negative.. does Bungie even care?

Part of me finds it humorous, all the negative things that are said about Bungie and what they are doing wrong with Destiny. The banter is pretty funny, the and disses and comebacks between players are comical. I mean there’s so much passion and pain, and hurt and within that hurt theres a deep level of betrayal on the forums. But then on the other hand, the forums are straight up toxic. Now I’m wondering if Bungie even cares. Do they even care how much trash is being said about their game? Maybe they’re just letting it slide because they have already announced much needed updates coming in future seasons. But then again the forums are always unhappy, always toxic, and it always seems like Bungie isn’t doing enough. (I’m not saying that Bungie is doing enough jtbc (just to be clear))

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