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Editado por Avant Solace: 11/26/2022 3:26:04 AM

Still need a Character Customizer

We're this deep into the game and there still isn't word of being able to customize one's character. Literally the only way to change one's appearance is to straight up delete a character and start from scratch. Not only is that horribly inconvenient and disincentivizing, its also a slap in the face to the very communities Bungie claims to support. Imagine a friend of yours, or even yourself, coming to the conclusion that what is best for them is to transition genders. They go all out fully transitioning body and name. All is good. But when they start up their game, they're greeted by their past character incarnate. They can't change their character to match their new life, so they're faced with the choice of either being forced to look at their past or delete their character. Could you imagine how traumatic that would be?! Its like the game is telling them to either accept their old self or delete themselves! How is that showing any care for the Trans community? So the solution is simple: Something that allows full character customization. Heck there is even a bit of lore that could tie into it: Praedyth saw "our" Guardian take on many different appearances due to the multiversal weirdness going on within the Vault of Glass. So why not take a character known for snagging weird things (Drifter) and have him procure (steal) a Vex device from the Vault of Glass? It could even be a sort of in-joke that it apparently doesn't do anything, except sometimes change a person's hair color. But when "our" Guardian uses it, it allows us to access our own multiverse to customize our appearance. Simple customization station! Code it, wrap it, ship it!

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