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Voidwalker Love

Voidwalker is in need of serious love as a whole, it’s great at slaying ads but boring af while also having the lowest damage of the boss damage supers in the game. Bungie wants VW to be an energy vampire but it only has one way of activating devour within their class specific kit with zero extra benefits for having it active. On the other side, Titans have three ways of getting Overshields within their class kit as well as ways to benefit further from having them active. Hunters have three (four if you count smoke bomb and smoke dive as separate ways) and again additional benefits for activating or having it active. I mean overshield and invis both got updated visuals to give extra flavor, so why not for devour? A nice aura or something would’ve give it that extra spice to make it feel like something is actually happening. Child: It’s good but rift drags it down. I’d say use it to: - completely replace the rift as a third class ability option and have it grant devour in activation. - give it its own animation so it doesn’t take five years to get out. - Also I don’t see a point in the empowering rift version at all so just make the healing rift variant the one that’s used. As a Voidwalker main I literally place the rift and for this and immediately leave it lmao. It should also always active in one shot in PvE. It’s so inconsistent at times with certain weapon types. Feed the Void: So beyond basic and you can achieve the same exact result with a fragment with almost no more difficulty. This should also grant further benefit for having devour active, similar to aspects on hunters and titans. - Maybe while devour is active, ability energy is funneled in as damage is dealt from any source by the warlock, literally feeding the void your enemy’s pain and life-force. - An additional benefit could be to either increase damage and effectiveness of your abilities or perhaps cause enemies to become volatile with abilities while devour is active. - An example would be to buff melees while it’s active similar to stormcaller. The current melee could get three projectiles with a bit of extra damage instead of one (like a mini shatter). Melee kills could also overextend the timer of devour by 3-5 seconds Not ALL of these need to happen, these are just ideas I’m throwing out there. EDIT: Feed the Void should not grant devour, but should instead focus on buffing the player while devour is active while maybe granting an increased timer along with multiple of the proposed buffs as edited into the text. ASPECTS: Chaos Accelerant: Easily the WORST of every single grenade buffing aspect across all classes. It is the only one that requires a long charge up animation, stops super regen on use, has only one fragment slot, and somehow on top of all the downsides, NERFS two options available from the base grenade, keeps one pretty much the same, leaving only ONE that is decent. - Vortex: no more effective than a regular vortex grenade in almost every situation. It should get it’s damage increase back and have a much more violent pull in a wider area. - Axion: The only one that’s actually decent, but still not worth all of the downsides of using this aspect in my opinion. - Scatter: The worst of them, it straight up nerfs the grenade; you do less damage over a smaller area. It should instead turn the grenade in to a larger area carpet bombing and leave the tracking functionality to nothing manacles. - Magnetic: Handheld supernova is a horrible imitation of its former self. It also cuts off charge after a couple seconds, something that no other variant deals with. It should have a longer range and MUCH more damage. The push hits like a wet noodle half the time and is mega inconsistent. The push should always project force in the direction of the grenade and really should be pushing more effectively in general. Even with all of this, I still don’t know that it’s enough to justify all of the downsides. I say reduce charge time, remove super regen penalty, give it one more fragment slot, and remove the whole HHSN charge loss thing. Then it’ll be worth requiring an animation to carry out. EDIT: Devour should be granted on a grenade THROW OR HIT (not kill). This would solve the problem of actually getting devour going without having the eating animation. I’d be open to either the charge time remaining the same OR keeping it at one fragment only in this case. Obviously I’d prefer the former lol. I feel like the long charge animation is already penalty enough. If it were kept at one fragment, I’d say reduce the charge time by just a tad to make if feel less sluggish. SUPERS: Slowva Bomb: Remove the damn tracking already, it is the one thing holding it back from being a great super apart from damage (which it should get a big damage buff to be a more competitive option for boss damage). I’d honestly say replace it entirely with og scatter (three bombs at once for those who are unaware) with the added effect of secondary explosions by large (no tracking) scatter projectiles from each bomb. Nothing manacles could actually have a cool added functionality of making these scatter projectiles track. Having the skill to directly hit all three bombs on one target would also reward you with a further increase damage done which would be super nice. Vortex Bomb: Add Lance (bomb travels much faster and in a straight line) and increase damage to compete with cataclysm. Vortex should be continually sucking enemies in, not just one initial pull. Along with this bosses shouldn’t be able to just waltz on out at top speed, at least make it a bit more difficult for them to leave it. It’s one of the only things they’ll actually walk away from lol. Nova Warp: I love this super and it is easily the best of the three. I’d say make the teleport an actual teleport so you don’t take damage while teleporting. Along with this, make it possible to charge up a blast while teleporting. These would make it actually competitive against enemy supers while also eliminating the whole “getting killed by primaries while teleporting, which should be saving my life” thing. If you won’t give the teleport invincibility frames at all, at least increase the distance travelled and the speed of it. As a backup make sure the trail can’t be shot for critical damage please :) MELEE: Pocket Singularity: Just increase the damage by a small lil bit maybe? If not then increase the radius at which things become volatile by a bit. A second melee should be added, there is no reason that warlocks should have only one on their specialized element. I propose: - Repulse/Soul Rend: the warlock sends forth a thin, shirt to mid range cone of void energy and smoke that pushes enemies back (not as violently as the grenade) while dealing damage. (If pushing isn’t a good idea, do Soul Rend instead and have it weaken hit enemies). - Buffed version for feed the void upgrade: repulse wave deals more damage and pushes enemies further (or weakens them for a longer duration) in a wider radius (not necessarily longer, but perhaps by just a tad). Let me know if you think this melee is a good idea, if it’s too strong, or is maybe lacking. TLDR: Voidwalker is the corn flakes of the void subclasses and deserves more love and respect from Bungie, given that it’s supposed to be the Warlock specialty light element. Who would choose cornflakes over just about literally anything else? Lmao DISCLAIMER: This is NOT to say every other subclass is better or that other subclasses on other clssses lack their own share of problems. This is directly focused to the Voidwalker and is all just my own opinion on it. Have a great day and stay safe out there y’all. :)

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