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Editado por Ferus Lux: 11/25/2022 7:30:46 AM

Core playlists are draining and destroying your game.

The fact that the campaign you worked so hard on received ZERO post launch support (secret paths, challenges for adept loot, cosmetics, or SOMETHING) while you celebrate GM's opening every month on 6 year old strikes is just absurd. Last season, you had 6 really good Campaign style Sever missions and did NOTHING with them. No unique rewards, no adept seasonal weapons on Master, nothing. You could've had rotating modifiers and gave it the GM treatment and people would've replayed them over and over if it was super rewarding and challenging. Destiny 2's focus on doing the same strikes as endgame content has to go. It's boring. We literally have seasonal content that takes a backseat halfway through. Also, based on player count, has reprising Destiny 1 Raids been worth the trouble? Season of Arrivals and Chosen did spectacularly and retained more players without doing so. I'm sure there's a good number of players who appreciated Kingsfall, but has it truly been worth it over releasing content like Harbinger and Presage which had equally amazing rewards and were highly replayable? Maybe reprised Raids aren't the best way forward. Maybe we need more new experiences?

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