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11/26/2022 2:03:01 PM

In-game voice chat: a fix that actually worked... for me. And might work for you if your setup is similar.

Hey all. Since more and more people buy external sound devices for home audio recording and editing, or simply because of an overall better sound quality, I thought sharing this might actually help some of you. So, like many other people, despite having everything setup by the book regarding the in-game voice chat options, I was unable to hear anything and it seemed like nobody could hear me either. I could see that people were talking thanks to the loudspeaker icon appearing, but that was it. It's a common issue, alas nothing I found on the web worked in my case. My hardware was setup to the correct default input (USB mic), correct default output (Behringer audio interface), all game options were good, etc., but nothing seemed to do the trick. Then I remembered an issue I had with Discord when I bought my first external soundcard: even though it was in charge of both playback and "record", and Windows could hear my mic, Discord could not. The issue was that the sampling rates of several programs, running at the same time, were not in sync: 24-bit / 192KHz here, 16-bit / 44KHz there, and so on. Discord's top audio quality is limited and any game that would allow the sound interface to use a higher setting would make Discord go south. The solution was to limit the sound interface to the highest Discord could do, in any case. (And switch back top quality again when I wanted to record stuff, of course.) So a few minutes ago, in the Windows sound thingy, I made sure that the sampling rates were the same on both devices: it appeared my USB mic can't do better than 16-bit / 44KHz, so I matched the output on the Behringer sound interface to the same rate and: voilà. A clamate joined me in-game and I could hear him, he could hear me... I was all set.

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