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Combat Mods Need to be Easier to Obtain: An Open Letter

Dearest Bungie Employee (and forum member passerbys), Combat Mods are the life blood of the endgame. Of GrandMaster Nightfalls. Of Day One Raiding. Of Crafting synergizing exotic builds with your subclass and more. I recently came back from a large break away from D2. I've been a pretty casual player, and I mostly play solo. I haven't ever gotten into the nitty gritty of D2's combat mods because I've never had the desire to play anything harder than your typical weekly nightfall. If I can't be matched with a team, I'm most likely not playing the activity. But returning this time around I've changed my perspective. If I can't be matchmade into a team... is there a way I could be my whole team? Could I do a dungeon completely on my own? What if I was 20 below light... how would I survive? And thus I stumbled onto the beautiful build-crafting community. The end game of D2 has never been so tantalizing. The only problem is... I don't have the mods. For any build... to access this kind of challenging content. Sure, my collection of mods is big enough to partially throw together some builds, but they're not optimal. They're not... working at their full potential. I have tons of charged with Light mods. I'll call that Series 1. Don't really have a lot of Warmind cell mods. We'll call that Series 2. Am really hurting on Well mods, we'll call that series 3. Assuming that a new series of combat mods is released every 2 years or so, we're slated to get new ones fairly soon... while I now have immense FOMO and will not be missing out on obtaining series 4 while its available, I don't want new and returning players to suffer a similar fate as me when trying to obtain mods they missed out on during series 4, 3, 2, or 1. I really want Bungie to consider changing how players obtain combat mods. With combat mods being such a huge part of the end game... why are new and returning players restricted to a random rotation of 4 mods per day? Of which many days, I find I own all 4 (and some seem to frequently return). When the new mods came out, players (I assume) collected the mods over the course of the season... but if you miss that season, you're out of luck. I know... I've missed all three series of combat mods dropping. I have purchased many from ADA but it's not enough. Now, I'm logging into the mobile app every day checking Ada's shop out of fear. Because if I miss obtaining a mod from Ada, there's a chance I'll have to wait nearly 6 months for that mod to come back in stock, as was the case with Font of Might that rolled through Ada's shop just a few days ago... I don't want to be the person who has to wait that long for a significantly important combat mod. But should anyone have to wait that long at all? If a Season lasts 10 weeks... then shouldn't returning players be able to complete the collection they missed out on in 10 weeks? Maybe slightly more? If I have the glimmer, why can't I just buy ALL of the mods outright? If obtaining all the mods would pose a threat to the balance of the game, would the mods have been released to the public in the first place? Would the people who earned all the mods during the season be allowed to play? You see where the conundrum comes from? All I'm proposing is a new way to get combat mods I missed out on. I don't need to buy all the mods outright as much as I would like. But I wouldn't mind logging into Destiny 2 every day if it meant I was guaranteed at least one combat mod in ADA's inventory was one I didn't have yet. As it stands, I am completely restricted from solo end game content because I missed a few seasons of destiny. And because of the drip feed of random mods coming through ADA's shop, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to interact with the games end game in the way I'd like any time soon. Imagine if the next set of combat mods in the hypothetical series 4 synergizes with older sets. Much like Series 3 and 1 do together. If I don't have those mods, even if I am able to collect all of series 4, I'm going to be at another disadvantage, still waiting for ADA to sell what I need, and at that point her pool to pull from will be even larger, making it that much more difficult to get mods that I actually need. I barely have any series 2 mods... if the new meta is series 4 and series 2 combat mods. I won't stand a chance. I just want an easier way to get the mods every one else has. I don't want to have so much fear of missing out that I'm checking the mobile app every day, just to be let down because I have all the mods being sold that day, repeat ad nauseum until the community wins the Mod lottery and gets Font of Might for the first time in 6 months. Now, I don't care what the solution is, but I think it's more than agreeable that the process I and many new and returning players are going through to obtain old combat mods is putting us very far behind other players. And with the Loadouts coming in Lightfall, I can only imagine how much further that gap will become should things remain the same. TL;DR I believe there should be a simpler and faster way for new and returning players to obtain old combat mods. Ada's random 4 every day is not a good system. New and returning players who lack old combat mods also lack a sufficient way to obtain them, which restricts players from experiencing some of the best content in the game, that other luckier and more consistent players can experience without issues. Thank you for reading and for considering my plea. - Brando

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