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11/26/2022 5:55:09 AM
They like to skimm from what I've noticed. For example, if you want their attention don't make a post with a title that's negative or insulting, and include ways to improve. So if you don't like pvp don't make a post with a title like: PVP Sucks or This Game Aids. Instead use a title like: How to improve pvp and balance lobbies. your posts shouldn't be a rant, and should talk about what the problem is and have a solution to fix the problem. Also if you make any Anti-woke posts or posts about bungie breaking their own policies, expect to have your post locked or edited by bungie. Finally, bungie rarely replies but they will skimm popular posts that make it to the top 10-15 on the board for each category so long as they follow the other rules I've mentioned. Doing this I've had a number of ideas, buffs/nerfs, reworks, and suggestions make it into the game. For instance the new Gathering Storm super is word for word some thing I posted multiple times about back in Y3-4, however it was as an exotic, then after 3.0 was announced I re-posted the idea as a new super for arc strider. The only difference is I called it lightning rod, otherwise it's 100% the same including be able to impale bosses and vehicles and shooting lightning out.

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