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11/25/2022 7:38:23 PM
[quote]The fact that the campaign you worked so hard on received ZERO post launch support (secret paths, challenges for adept loot, cosmetics, or SOMETHING) while you celebrate GM's opening every month on 6 year old strikes is just absurd.[/quote] You just described Bungie perfectly. Maybe we're all burnt out with the game. I know, I am. That's why I barely play anymore and am just waiting for the next season. There really is no point in this game except playing it the first two to three weeks after release. Given there are time-gated quests, etc., there is no reason to play in between resets. At this point, we need a new game that will fulfill our needs. I don't think Bungie will ever turn this game around and make it as fulfilling as we ever hope it could be. Can Bungie save it? We'll see.

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