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publicado originalmente en: Eliksni Quarter Still Looks Horrible
Editado por Avelithe: 11/25/2022 7:01:30 PM
It’s honestly embarrassing. And hearing Mithrax praise the Eliksni and Guardians working together makes it even [i]more[/i] embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong—I like the [b]idea[/b] of the event—but Bungie could and [i]should[/i] have done better. 400 million coins for stairs, some blankets, a few benches and a podium, corn stalks… idk, man, I like the idea, but for the amount we paid, there SHOULD have been more. I see Eliksni housing, but the rubble is still there. Someone told me the rubble got cleared away, but when I looked, I still see a cracked foundation. We polished a turd and rolled it in some glitter, but it’s still a turd. It’s like someone said… minimal effort yielded minimal results. We got what we paid for in 26 hours after people cheesed, so. 🤷‍♀️ What I’m HOPING for is that there will be a story beat where Spider is caught stowing away the Coins for himself, Mithrax gets angry and wrings the coins out of Spider’s fat neck rolls, and we end up putting in more fun and interesting things in the Quarters. Not this… half-finished… whatever this is. We could do better. Ffs.

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