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11/25/2022 4:52:58 PM
For strikes I think the very least they could is add things to them and turn the playlist into something more like a “party game” experience. -Spawn cores or bombs, disable all weapons. -Swords only, with plentiful heavy ammo drops -The Eruption like mechanic where not getting a final blow before a timer expires causes you to explode. A winner is declared for whoever had the longest stretch of time alive in a strike. -Zerg Rush mode, where all enemies are thralls, skreebs, cabal war beasts, etc in very large quantities. -Gun Game. Where there’s a chest at the end of each encounter that drops a unique white weapon. Everyone has to equip it to proceed and use that weapon. These weapons auto dismantle but can be a bit absurd. Like a 120 HC that fires micro missiles, A full auto sniper rifle, An SMG with unlimited range, a side arm that fires like Xenophage. Just stuff that would make the strikes feel a bit less mundane. And it could be random from one strike to the next.

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