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Editado por Malenia, Blade of Miqullla: 11/25/2022 12:42:18 PM
Realistically, what would they actually need to do in order to revitalize the core playlists? Adding new guns, emblems, shaders, scoring systems, modifiers and whatever else isn't going to change the fact that you'll still be running the exact same strikes or "missions" you've been running for the last few months/years and you'll more than likely be complaining that they're too repetitive after a few weeks anyway even if they did add stuff. Same with Gambit too. Is a new map, gun or whatever really going to make Gambit any more fun? Is a ranking system or pvp map really going to make the stale crap invis/overshield ability spam meta any more tolerable than it currently is? Gambit has been largely ignored since they sunset half the maps and scrapped Prime. We only get a new strike or two every year and even now their idea of "new" pvp maps are just re-released old maps and the one time we actually get a NEW map it's universally hated by everyone. lol

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