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11/24/2022 7:39:01 PM
Lightfall won't be good. People will scream how amazing it is within the first couple of days, like Streamers did with Witch Queen, simply because they were starved for content for so long that ANYTHING would have looked like gold at that point. Witch Queen was great but look at the seasons that came as a part of it and rethink if it really was "that great". People get so happy the second actual content happens they don't realize when it took literally 17 months for it to even happen. 17 months till Witch Queen they should have had Witch Queen as it was, plus 3 seasons drowning in content. Instead we get an event that took 3 employees (1 artist and 2 coders) 2 shifts to make. 2 days to make 2.5 months of content.

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