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Editado por Ethrad: 11/23/2022 7:10:53 PM

Error 1618; various parts of the website and Bungie Store/Rewards not working

I encountered this when trying to redeem a Bungie Reward, it said my account was not linked to Bungie NET. Came over to here to see that the account was linked and verified. Further inspection of the site showed that Season Progress, Triumphs, and Collection tabs were not working- Error (1618). Game History tab says there are no characters linked to my Playstation account or Steam account. All rewards on the Bungie Rewards page say incomplete, even if these requirements have been met or the product was purchased previously. I've been in contact with the Bungie Store Support, and they told me to clear cache and re-authorize my account. Doing so did not resolve my issues. [b]Update[/b]: the DIM Twitter account said to try changing your emblem in game.

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