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11/22/2022 6:44:30 AM

G-SYNC is broken on 360hz

So, I'm making this post because I want clarification from the developers on the issue, what is causing it, and if it'll ever be fixed, prioritized, or addressed. I've noticed over the past few months that performance has been an issue for me. Like, not the usual hiccups and performance issues, but G-SYNC on my 360hz monitor seemed to be suffering. Motion was becoming blurry and jittery, frames were not smooth, and the constant stuttering was making aiming incredibly difficult. Moving targets were especially problematic, and so I began to really underperform in pvp. I'd tried many performance fixes, but nothing seemed to work, until today. Anyone who has read the guide from Blur Busters (G-SYNC 101), understands that G-SYNC is most optimally used in tandem with the Nvidia control panel's VSYNC. So long as some kind of frame limiter is keeping your frames from hitting VSYNC's upper limit, you don't get the extra frame of input-lag normally associated with VSYNC. Therefore, I've been using Destiny 2's built-in frame limiter to do just that. Something perplexed me though, Destiny 2's max frame limit for it's own frame limiter is 240 fps. I double checked, and sure enough, Nvidia and Windows had my display running at 360hz, so I should figuratively have the ability to set an upper frame limit of 360 fps in most modern games, right? So, here's what I did. I went into the NVCP, and set my display to run at 240hz instead of 360hz. This would have my whole system running at 240hz now, and therefore, the G-SYNC ceiling Destiny 2 should be working with is now 240hz. I started up Destiny 2, and sure enough, all my problems are solved. My frames are unbelievably smooth compared to what I was dealing with before. Movement has no crazy stuttering anymore, and aiming has come back with ease. So what's the issue here? Is Destiny 2 only optimized for playing under 240 fps? Is Destiny 2 only optimized for G-SYNC up to 240hz? Is this an engine limitation? Is this a bug that needs to be addressed? I'd love if we could get answers and know if there's a fix, or if this is not changeable and needs awareness brought to it. I understand that players using G-SYNC on 360hz monitors are a small minority, but if there's anyone out there with this same issue, change it to 240hz. It'll change your life. Regards, Faliston
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