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11/21/2022 9:05:16 PM

Clan Admin - Changes to Profile "About Us" section are not accepted.

Can anyone explain to me why I can't make any changes to my clans "About Us" section? Whenever I try to make changes I am presented with a message stating "The field "About Us" may contain reserved terms. Please refer to our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use." I have been the primary clan founder/admin since 2016. This is not new to me, but my "About Us" section has been outdated for some time now because I always get that message. Can someone tell me how my below message I am attempting to put in the "About Us" section says that violates the Code of Conduct and/TOS? Is it #tags or something? Because Bungie ID names literally include #tags and I can't give people the ability to contact me without inputting the #. Same goes for other symbols. I've tried removing my "bulletpoint" lists as far as the "-" (dashes) but that doesn't help either. Is anyone else having this problem as well? Wanted "About Us" section message below When you join you must message TheGamingYoda either on PSN, or Bungie. n e t. If msging on Discord, please msg at Yoda#4110. Once you message TheGamingYoda, he will send a Discord invite link! WE SUPPORT ALL PLATFORMS! PS, Xbox, PC, and Stadia! If you join, you are agreeing to the above and below, no exceptions. - You're 18+ years old. - You must use the Discord app. It is where we do all of our non-voice communication. - You treat others with respect. - You have a mic and can speak enough English to properly communicate. - Don't be rude. We want friendly people who love to laugh and treat each other with respect.
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